The old playbook for success no longer sufficient. QI skills represent a new set of skills deemed absolutely necessary for success in today’s rapidly changing world, with far-reaching implications for parenting, pediatrics, early childhood development, education, business, innovation, healthcare and economics.


Self-management skills that include self-awareness, self-regulation, self-control, attention, focus. Also,  executive function skills which allow us to manage, regulate, and control our emotions and behavior.


These are the people skills that allow us to understand, share and “play well” with others, including the language, empathy, listening, and social-emotional skills necessary for effective communication, collaboration and teamwork.


Skills that include questioning, curiosity and inquisitiveness that allow us to always see the world as a question mark, and strive for a better understanding of how the world works.


Self-motivation and drive define these critically important skills, including a can-do attitude, conscientiousness, determination, gumption, persistence, perseverance, and focus put into action.


Physical and intellectual restlessness make up the WIGGLE skills that play a key role in putting WHY and WILL into action.


Skills that allow for, build and foster agility, adaptability, resilience, and confer the ability to face, overcome, and learn from failure.


Encompassing curiosity, imagination, and creativity, these are the skills that ultimately allow us to understand not just how the world is, but envision how it could be.