“Comfortably straddling the business world and the realm of parenting, Jana observes that the parenting paradigm must shift just as many workplaces are changing with the times. This fascinating, forward-thinking book will help parents prepare their children to reach for the stars–perhaps even those not yet discovered.”

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Dr. Jana quoted in article by Maressa Brown – Parents Magazine

(posted online 8/29/19)

Given how stressful potty training can be for parents and kids, the last thing either needs is to contend with discrimination from a daycare or preschool that refuses to accept a child who isn’t yet trained. And yet, every now and then, families face this very ordeal.

In 2011, a child was told not to return to her Arlington, Virginia, preschool until she stopped wetting her pants. Five years later……continue reading

By Dr. Anisha Abraham

It is June. Exam and graduation time for many students around the world. In the Netherlands, my adopted home country, it is also the month when one of my favorite Dutch traditions occurs: graduating high school students hang flags on their houses together with their school bags to celebrate passing their exams and moving on in life. It takes a global village to raise a child, and I love that this rite of passage is celebrated in such a public way. The bag-on-a-flag marks an important milestone for young people. When I pass a home in my neighbourhood with a raised flag, I silently honor the graduate and acknowledge the many hurdles that it has taken to get to this point. How do we uphold our kids as they transition from one milestone to another? What are the skills they need to cultivate in a rapidly, changing world?……(read more)

The QI Skills

The old playbook for success is no longer sufficient. QI skills represent a new set of skills deemed absolutely necessary for success in today’s rapidly changing world, with far-reaching implications for parenting, pediatrics, early childhood development, education, business, innovation, healthcare and economics. More

Connector of Dots

Pediatrician, educator, author, and health communicator, Dr. Laura Jana finds connections across disciplines and translates big ideas into far-reaching, real world applications. She’s on a mission to change the public conversation about the skills needed for success in the Digital Age. More